A New Wiki in The House

I’ve been trying to keep track of all things pin on the web for a while now, and I recently found pinwiki.org. It’s slowly taking shape, so head on over, take a gander, and add some content already!

Burn out and Burn in

Over the past few days I was busy trying to get my Johnny M up and working. I bought this pin from the 0P as non working. It had been sitting in his shop not working for about six months from when I started to barter back and forth with him for the pin. I… Read More »

WH2O restoration post 7: Soaking Wet And Moving Fast

Repopulating the playfield took a lot of time, mainly because I cleaned each piece as I was putting it back on. I replaced all the ramps except Insanity Falls, and I learned a couple things about the repros: They are awesome. They are not ready to bolt right back on. Plastic must be removed, and… Read More »

WH2O restoration post 6: Rapids Ahead!

With the playfield cleaned up, I turned my attention to the cabinet. I had used a PMS color sample book and PMS 293 C matches for the decals and PMS 294 C for the blue paint. I had a ugly place above the shooter that would need wood filler and paint, which is why I… Read More »

WH2O restoration post 5: Floating Gently Along

Now that the Upper PF is done, attention turns to the Main PF. Each section gets all the pieces, bolts, posts and screws removed and placed in ziploc bags, leaving me with about 89 baggies in a box. Man, I hope I can get all this back together. Underneath, I unscrewed all the targets and… Read More »

WH2O restoration post 4: Hand Me The Paddle

While I’m waiting for my parts, there is plenty to keep me busy. First thing that comes off is the Upper Playfield, so I started there. Getting that off was a bugger, but it eventually yielded. I pulled everything off it, some of it held on by the most ridiculous methods. Giant wood screws, bits… Read More »

WH2O restoration post 3: Nobody Rides The River For Free

Here’s the list of what’s getting replaced or added. The parts are coming from the usual places, Marco, BAA, Illinois PinBall, Pinball Inc, Pinball Life. And I’d like to send a shout out to my 2 local sources for parts, Action Pinball and ThePinballWizard.net. Both excellent places. So without further ado, the list: Ramps, full… Read More »

WH2O restoration post 2: One Foot In The Raft

The first thing to do was take stock the actual condition of the machine. It’s fully functional, so I’m good there. All the dirt hides a lot, however, and closer examination of all the parts will reveal just what needs to be done. So off with the glass and let’s really take a look at… Read More »

Your workshop

A discussion recently came up on what the perfect Workshop looks like with one, two, three, and four different workshops. What does yours look like?

Pinball 12 Step Program

From the Annals of RGP: 1. We admitted we were powerless over our addiction – that our lives had become filled with pinball machines, tools, circuit boards, and all types of spare bulbs and fuses. 2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could help us restore all old pinballs to NIB condition.… Read More »