More TAF Magnet Mod

From: “Mamushka” <>
Subject: TAF magnet fuse mod works.

This is just empirical data but it looks like the TAF magnet fuse mod
works (I Googled and could find no one that verified it functioned as
planned). My games are on loan to my brothers and sister. I went over
to my sister’s house to fix some issues on my FH and TAF. After the
repairs I went through all of the solenoid tests, no left magnet.
Checked the inline fuse that I added about three years ago and it is
blown. Go to replace it with the game in attract mode and can hear the
magnet kick on, guess it’s time for a couple of transistors but
thankfully no magnet burn. I had a 3A s.b. in place (I think it’s all
I had at the time) I am going to replace them with 2A s.b. and see if
they work. I would recommend to everyone with a TAF to add the magnet
fuses, I believed that they saved my playfield.
As long as I’m on my soapbox here I’ll also suggest remote battery
holders. Last month I had a new baby monitor quit after three days,
checked the batteries and one of the brand new Energizer batteries had
leaked all over the place. By the next week all of my games had remote
battery holders in them.

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